Now Available – The Embedded Engineering A501+ Rev1.1 1MB Memory Expansion for your A500+/A500

Photo of Revision 1.1 Board (w/Battery) Installed in an Amiga 500+


  • Revision 1.1 Board uses 4-layer PCB, and is smaller in size (functionality is the same as Rev 1.0)
  • 1MB of RAM installed.  This will add 1MB of “chip” RAM to an Amiga 500+ or 512KB of additional RAM to a standard Amiga 500 (it can be used as chip RAM on a standard 500 if you have the correct Fatter Agnus chip installed and jumper changes)
  • Real-Time clock circuit using a CR1225 lithium cell for months of time retention OR a 1.5 Farad “SuperCapacitor” which will hold time for 2+ weeks but never needs to be replaced.
  • Cuttable trace (and pads to install a jumper if desired) on board to disable the on-board clock (for A500+ owners)
  • Optional pads on circuit board if you want to remove the battery holder and install a “Super Capacitor” instead for a lifetime of operation without battery changes.

Pricing: $30 USD w/included battery + shipping costs OR $35 USD with SuperCapacitor  ($3 for US, $12.50 international)

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Currently Out of Stock on all models.


A501+ Rev 1 Users Guide

How to disable on-board clock on A500+ motherboard to use the expansion clock instead:

How to enable 1MB of CHIP RAM on a standard A500:


Photos of Previous Revision 1.0: